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I am not a career politician. I didn’t even consider standing until I had built a career, been made redundant, started a business and experienced the heartache and joy of bringing up a disabled daughter. I believe that life experience counts and I have the right sort of professional and personal experience to be your MP.
I decided to stand because I don’t like what this Tory-led Government is doing to our country. Working families and the vulnerable have been targeted to pick up the tab for the banking crisis. The NHS, our most treasured institution is in a critical condition and is being sold off to companies whose prime motive is to make profit – that is just wrong!

Also large parts of the Congleton constituency are literally being concreted over by opportunistic developers, when what we need are truly affordable homes built in the places that communities decide they should be. Homes built for people, not homes built for profit. As a qualified architect with a doctorate in planning and wide experience in housing I am well placed to address this problem head on.

Distrust in politics and politicians is at an all time high, some of it deserved, but some of us are fighting for the right reasons, because we can truly make a difference.

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